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We are doing something really unique here...

Prevention Programs

Prevention is key to healthy living. Physicians and medical professionals have been focused on preventive care for many years by recommending proper exercise and nutrition plans. In psychology, however, we are still operating within the disease-based medical model. People often seek out therapy when in need or distress and they try to learn new skills during difficult times. Though that's important... we believe in a better way. 


Let's give people the psychological skills they need before they need it. 

In our regular lives, we are not taught how to manage our emotions, what to do with worry, how to quiet our chattering minds, how to focus, how to cope with sadness, anger and guilt, or how to better communicate and listen. We are not taught how to resolve conflict, motivate ourselves and set goals, recover from mistakes, or be kind and loving to ourselves. These are all things that are often taught in therapy. 

So we are breaking the mold, changing the narrative. Our programs teach these skills and more. Of course we still have therapy, if it is needed. But our main focus is on prevention.

Current Programs

The following are 8-week intensive prevention programs to teach healthy psychological and emotional skills in order to set the foundation for life and the stressors we may face. 

- Teen Program I (12 - 15) 

- Teen Program II (16 - 19)

- Young Adult Program (20 - 26)

Programs teach science-backed techniques covering:

- Reframing negative thoughts

- Regulating/managing emotions

- Focus and concentration

- Goal setting

- Self acceptance/love/confidence

- Managing anxiety & stress

- Making mistakes & imposter syndrome

- Conflict management

- Communication skills

- Fostering spiritual health (as it applies to each person and their own beliefs)

** Teen Programs also include parent and family involvement

For more information/questions contact Dr. DeGood. Space is limited. 

Individual/Couples/Family Therapy

We've had experiences with a variety of issues and diverse clientele. This includes:




-LGBTQIA+ Issues 


-Life Transitions

-Teens & Preteens


-Substance Abuse 


-Chronic Illness/Pain


-Physician/Clinician Topics

-Divorce and Heart Break

-Concerns of Entrepreneurs

-Topics related to Spirituality and/or Religion



-Premarital therapy

-Interfaith & interracial


Wellness Workshops

In order to treat the whole individual, we offer experiential workshops and groups. Some topics are listed below. More information on these and other workshops will be coming soon.



-Changing Negative Thoughts


-Art Therapy

-Goal Setting

-Letting Go of Mistakes

-Self Acceptance & Love

-Increasing Joy & Gratitude 

In addition to preventive programs we also provide:

3601 Hobson Rd. 
uite 205
Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Phone Number: (260) 740-3324
Fax Number: (260) 740-3361

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