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Our Fort Wayne location is now open


At Evolve, we provide individual, family, and group therapy around a variety of issues and with a diverse clientele. This includes:




-LGBTQIA+ Issues 


-Life Transitions

-Teens & Preteens


-Substance Abuse 


-Chronic Illness/Pain


-Physician/Clinician Topics

-Divorce and Heart Break

-Concerns of Entrepreneurs

-Topics related to Spirituality and/or Religion



-Premarital therapy

-Interfaith & interracial



At Evolve, we believe each person has everything they need within them. They just need some help finding the tools to uncover it. Workshops and classes are conducted by Dr. Saloumeh DeGood and utilize the current techniques and research, mixed with experiential practices to better know yourself and discover what works for you. 

Space is limited for our workshops/classes so please make sure you reserve your space early. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so as early as possible so it can be opened up for others. Workshops are free for current Evolve clients. 


Using meditation, breathing, and gentle movements, this class allows you to let go of the day and heavy burdens. Utilizing the Tamarkoz® method of meditation, based on a 1400-year-old tradition, you can center and spend time connecting within.

Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat and journal.

Centering Saturdays

A different theme each week, backed by science, and used for self-discovery. Example of themes are gratitude, the need for control, letting go of the past, self-forgiveness, etc. Workshop utilizes breathing, meditation, journaling, and psychological discussions on current trends. This workshop uses the Sufi Psychology® approach which focuses on each person's need to know themselves and their full potential. 
Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat and journal. 

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3601 Hobson Rd. 
uite 205
Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Phone Number: (260) 740-3324
Fax Number: (260) 740-3361

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